Our experienced assembly team can handle any job, including woods, composites, acrylics, solid surface, metal, integrated electrics, lighting etc.  

Our experienced engineers provide drafting and engineering services that maximize yield and production efficiency. No piece is too complicated for us, our engineers like handling challenges. Using industry leading Microvellum and AutoCad software packages we are able to quickly create Gcode based on your project's requirements. 


Our industrial edgebanding machines provide a full roster of abilities from raw veneer, thin PVC, 1mm PVC, 3mm PVC, solid wood upto 5/8" thick, hardwood with roundover. 



Veneer Panel & Layup

CNC Machining

Complete in-house finishing abilities include any type of finish, color, stain, glaze, sheen or lacquered finish.  All AWI certified premium grade finishing systems available. Pick a color from our 700+ color stain library or mix a custom color.

We have years of experience handling veneer and fabricating the most demanding veneer panels. Hot Press & Cold Press in a production environment to handle any volume. Able to provide certified AWI premium grade when requested. 

We own and operate several industrial CNC machines. Up to 1200 sheets machining capacity in an 8 hour shift, meaning we can turn around over 3000 sheets within 24 hours. Send us your G-code or use our in-house engineering services. Cut to size, boring, routing or grooving operations are all easily accomplished.

Custom Stain & Finishing